CrossFit Class

Programmed for GPP (General Physical Preparedness) our group CrossFit classes are coach led lasting one hour. A group dynamic warm-up will be done as well as a debrief of the workout, movement preparations and skills work. The CrossFit class is our bread and butter at CFC and all other programs are built upon the main WOD (workout of the day)‚Äč


If you're just getting started with CrossFit, or you have not been hitting the gym regularly, consider our JumpStarter program and meet with one of our couches one-on-one for three personalized sessions to get going and get into the flow.

Competitor's Training

This program is designed for individuals interested in competing in the "sport of the fitness." A greater emphasis is put on strength and skill necessary to compete at a high level. The main conditioning workout for competitors will always be the CFC class workout.

Located on Kingston Pike in between Pellissippi and Turkey Creek

Our Team

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