CrossFit Class

Programmed for GPP (General Physical Preparedness) our group CrossFit classes are coach led lasting one hour. A group dynamic warm-up will be done as well as a debrief of the workout, movement preparations and skills work. The CrossFit class is our bread and butter at CFC and all other programs are built upon the main WOD (workout of the day)


If you're just getting started with CrossFit, or you have not been hitting the gym regularly, consider our JumpStarter program and meet with one of our couches one-on-one for three personalized sessions to get going and get into the flow.

Competitor's Training

This program is designed for individuals interested in competing in the "sport of the fitness."  A greater emphasis is put on strength and skill necessary to compete at a high level. The main conditioning workout for competitors will always be the CFC class workout.


The CFC coaches are all CrossFit Certified trainers and are prepared to help you set and reach your goals and maintain safe form to help you get there.

Zach Quayle

Coach & Owner

Zach is the man leading the way for CrossFit Courageous. He is a former collegiate baseball player at Ave Maria University turned CrossFit Coach/Athlete. Zach has a passion and strong commitment to his faith, family, personal development and the development of those in the Courageous community, and believes fitness to be an integral part of that. He is the creative genius behind the programming designed to cultivate that growth and challenge, both mentally and physically.

Brandy Lydon

Coach & Owner

With patience and a relenting charisma Brandy encourages athletes to be the best versions of themselves. Having many years of experience in CrossFit, to now owning a CrossFit gym herself, she has done it all and her wisdom is a great source of ease, especially to those who are new to CrossFit. Next time you are at Courageous, look for her blonde hair and smiling face!

Joey Lydon

Coach & Owner

When he’s not traveling for work, Joey is playing super Dad and husband to Brandy “Queen B” Lydon. He’s the loudest guy in the room who puts a smile on everyone’s face. You’ll be sure to notice that he matches head to toe for every workout.

Tim Quayle


Tim is a Crossfit Level 1 Coach, he is a thinker, very meticulous and methodical, has a passion for our Jump Start program which teaches our 9 fundamental movements and can run like a gazelle.
Tim is also the  head sprinters track coach at Knoxville Catholic High School and is finishing up his degree in Engineering from the University of Tennessee.

CF Level 1

Brian Martin


Brian’s wealth of knowledge and vast coaching experience makes him a great leader in the Courageous community. All of our members look up to him - literally and metaphorically as he looks like one of the Marvel Avengers. Brian preaches what he practices and has an uncanny ability to motivate any individual no matter their strengths/weaknesses or current level of fitness. Brian is a fountain of energy and enthusiasm but will also give you a wake up call when you need it, challenging you to “cut the crap” in your life and do things that make you grow as an individual, giving him the perfect balance as a coach, motivator & encourager.

CF Level 2, L1, CF Mobility, CF Strongman, CF Weightlifting, CF Kettlebell, CF Goal Setting, Freestyle + Style Connection

Brittney Gibson


"Strong, Fit, Sweet Hearted” are just a few words that come to mind when describing Brittney Gibson! Don’t let her size and soft voice fool you though, Britt means business. She has been doing Crossfit for over 6 years and her skill, desire, and mindset can handle anything thrown her way.

CF Level 1

Kate del Solar


Kate is extremely passionate about people and fitness! She is a great example to the members as she not only works really hard during her workouts she is always giving members tips and pointers on helping them improve. Look out for her curly brown hair and awesome handstand walks!

CF Level 2, L1, Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Health Science MS

David Benedict


Known as "DB"

DB’s wit and passion makes for the perfect balance to have fun and continue to learn at the same time. He will take the time with each athlete and has the persistence to bring about achievement. DB has found a niche in specializing in some areas of fitness that have really helped our members, including rowing, weightlifting & nutrition.

CF Level 1

A Family Atmosphere

Bring the kids! We know you're busy and that finding a sitter for the kids just isn't realistic. CFC has a full *jungle room* for your kiddos so they can have fun while you enjoy your workout.

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