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Zach Quayle

Zach is the visionary of CrossFit Courageous and the mastermind behind the gym's programming. His resume includes over a decade of CrossFit training and a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology. There are no limitations on Zach's ability to bring his passion for health and fitness to his members. He has an endless supply of knowledge on CrossFit. So, if you're asking a question, be prepared for what is affectionally called a "Zach-ism" answer.

He is also the creator of the Big Orange Brawl, the largest CrossFit competition in Knoxville.

You can find Zach at the gym at all hours--except 5:30AM, or dancing while coaching. His hobbies include exercising fast, and spending time with his wife, Kate and his family.


Kate Quayle

Kate doesn't know life without fitness. When she was bored as a kid, she would ask her parents to run around the block...for fun.

Kate discovered CrossFit while working for the Marine Corps as a subject matter expert on injury prevention and physical fitness nearly a decade ago. Her background in Athletic Training mixed so well with CrossFit it further developed her unique perspective on health and human movement.

Kate's favorite movements are everyone's least...burpees, double unders, thrusters. Most wonder if she's ever been tired from a workout.

When not at the gym, Kate spends quality time with her husband, Zach and cat, Gunner or in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe!


Brian Martin

Brian, spelled, B-R-I-A-N, will always ask you how to spell your name and make you feel the most welcome in his class. He coaches under the terms of firm, fair and consistent. He's not afraid to ask you to show up because he's going to show up for you as the best coach he can be each and every class. 

There's no shortage of personality when Brian is present--most famously known among the Courageous community for his saying "BOOM!" when he gets fired up. You ever see a big man do flawless toes to bar? Yah, it is a magical thing.


David Benedict

DB is an advocate for all the rowing possible and heavy, heavy dead lifts. He brings a calm demeanor in his coaching style with a demand for perfect execution. He sets the example for this as you can find him religiously attending the 5:30PM class prior to leading the 6:30 crew. His athletic background began with lacrosse and MMA fighting. DB enjoys all the dude things: fighting, sports, fighting, guns, fighting... you get the point. He's also our ultimate fact checker. Ask DB about any topic, he probably knows something about it. 

Oh, can't forget to mention that he is adored for his belief in a good 400m run. 

Christy Kooch

Christy is an observant coach. She knows what she wants from you, she believes in you and she certainly isn't going to let you settle for anything less than your best. Her caring and patient nature stems from her Nursing career. But don't let her soft spoken coaching demeanor fool you, she's a fierce competitor. The barbell is her speciality. Take note, kids.

She's in love with her dog, Griffin, and she thinks Coach Brian is good company for a margarita.


Brittney Gibson

Britt brings her enthusiasm for fitness to the 5:30AM crew every MWF. At the wee morning hours, the tiniest voice comes out of the tiniest human, with a large amount of fitness abilities...and sass. But "Fit Britt" is southern, so its a sweet kinda sass. She is the gym's jumping bean. If there's burpees in the workout, Britt will have them done in a flash. 

She spends her free time chasing or being chased by her Aussie shepherd, Leia and doing life activities with her favorite training partner, Mitchell.


Jacob Thurber

Jacob provides a wealth of formal gymnastics training to the Courageous community. After 16 competitive years in the sport, it could be argued Jacob morphed into a sixty year old man. As a result, he is the epitome of "do as I say, not as I do" when it comes to flexibility. (Who knew gymnasts could be inflexible?) If you question him on it, he'll tell you the obvious..."I'm retired". To go along with his inability to touch his toes or front rack a barbell, Jacob drives fast cars and spends most of his time on the golf course.

Most impressively, we'd like to acknowledge that Jacob can run faster on his hands than you can speed walk on your own two feet. Come see it for yourself.


Keith Roberts
Olympic Lifting

Keith was raised by the streets. He believes in only two things: displaying his gains in numerous shirtless selfies and playing all the slaps during his olympic lifting class. In his own words, he lives for cheat meals and his beautiful fiancee, Holly.

Keith's fitness journey started with an inability to jump rope or run 200m without stopping. His story is his to tell so find a time to ask him.

Take the opportunity to elevate your barbell technique under the direction of Keith's effortlessly chill style.